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DIY Oven Cover

I’m finally sharing with you a project that I completed almost a year ago. It’s something that I have been using everyday since then! It’s my noodle board oven cover! I have a gas stove that I love for cooking, but I hate cleaning it. It never seemed to fail that as soon as I …

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DIY Board Tray

I made this cute little DIY board tray last week for my dining room table, and it was super easy! I had this black candelabra that I wanted to use, but I needed something to breakup the black between that and the buffalo plaid table runner ( that is only $8!!) It is extremely simple …

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DIY Blanket Ladder

If you have ever shopped around for a blanket ladder, you will see that they can be pretty pricey. Some of the less expensive options I found didn’t have the greatest reviews (scratchy surfaces that would snag blankets, etc.), so I decided to give it a go and make one myself. I’m glad I did, …