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Dying Easter Eggs with Rice

It’s the second day of spring, and here in Maryland we are celebrating with a snowstorm! What better way to spend the day than in our jammies and dying Easter eggs! This year, holidays have been extra fun with Drew because we have been able to incorporate little activities to celebrate them. I wanted to …


My Favorite Things from IKEA

Ah, IKEA… the magical store that always seems to have the solution to all your household needs. From furniture to utensils, they’ve got your back and all at a decent price point. I was noticing today how much we have really gotten from there and how much I really enjoy those pieces. I thought I’d …

Decor DIY

How To Season A Chalkboard

Have you ever had this problem? You write something on a chalkboard only to have it continue to leave its mark long after it’s been erased? Well, good news! Preventing this “ghosting” is super easy! Whenever you get a new chalkboard, you will want to “season” it. (No salt & pepper required!) Check out this …