The Teal Acorn Story

One of my dreams has always been to start my own business. I have had a few different alterations in the little details, but they have all had a couple of common threads: creativity and coffee.

I have always had a love for all things creative. When I was in college, I had my first “project” pieces of furniture. I fell in love with the process! I loved taking something that had been cast aside and giving it a new life. Sometimes that involved a new coat of paint, and other times it was a complete repurposing if the item.

I don’t remember when exactly the dream of having a coffee shop began, but I do remember walking around our local downtown area with my then boyfriend (now husband) 10 years ago and dreaming of own little coffee shop. We had the building picked out, and would talk about different ideas we had.

(Locals, you may recognize the picture I have inserted here… in all it’s over edited glory, circa 2007!)

Like I’d mentioned, a few details have changed over the years, but the dream still lives on. I am shooting for a creative coffee boutique. I have been describing it as a Frankenstein… a little of this and a little of that. A fun place to come and shop, get creative, and sip some coffee.

The Teal Acorn is hopefully the first step. I’ll admit, it is a little intimidating (i.e. terrifying) to share all of this. However, I’ve found that some of the biggest leaps of faith have had the best results. So here’s to leaping into this new adventure!

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