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How To Season A Chalkboard

Have you ever had this problem?

You write something on a chalkboard only to have it continue to leave its mark long after it’s been erased?

Well, good news! Preventing this “ghosting” is super easy!

Whenever you get a new chalkboard, you will want to “season” it. (No salt & pepper required!)

Check out this video I put together to show how easy it is!

[wpvideo fvy3w6dY ]

Seasoning with chalk is my go to method. It’s quick and easy. Plus, if I want to keep a more “vintage” kind of look, I skip wiping my board clean.

Waxing is the method I use exclusively with my Chalk Couture projects. This is because in addition to preventing ghosting, it also helps protect the longevity of my transfers.

There you have it! Two super simple methods to season your chalkboard and prepare them for your latest creation!