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DIY Textured Trees

This week we are creating some DIY textured trees out using scrapbook paper, foam craft cones, and a couple of wooden pieces.

I found everything for this project at Hobby Lobby.

The base of the trees were these foam cones:

To create the color and texture, I wrapped scrapbooking paper around the trees. I traced the cone along the backside of the paper and cut it out.

Note the extra inch or so at the bottom.

I folded the extra paper around the bottom and used hot glue to secure.

The wooden bits were dowel rod covers and candlestick holders. They come in packs of 9 and 5, respectively .

I glued the candlestick holder to the base and the cap to the top. I also found a couple of random beads and used those to vary the height of the trees.

For a couple, I color washed* them to add some variations in color. 

*applying paint with a baby wipe. The moisture of the wipe essentially waters down the paint to give a stain like look.

I think these DIY textured trees look great with my collection of other trees. I was able to find a couple of wooden ones and a bottle brush one from the Target Dollar Spot. My vision is really coming together!

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As always, you can see the how to in video form on my Instagram!