#TBT: Dining Room

Our dining room was one of the rooms that we put off working on right away when we first moved in, but it was also the most anticipated room for me to complete.  I had had an image of what I wanted my dining room to look like even before we even looked at this house.  (That’s totally normal, right?!)

For the first couple of years that we lived here, the dining room was just a giant hallway to get to the back porch and deck from the kitchen.  There were drywall patches everywhere, water damage on the ceiling, gross and broken paper shades, and it was completely empty.

Here’s a look at where we started:

And here is where we are now:

These plates have been with us since we first got married.  They hung in our kitchen in our rental, but I always envisioned them hanging on my dining room wall.

These framed paintings used to hang in my grandmother’s kitchen.  I was so happy that they fit in so nicely in our new dining room!

The chandelier was not the original one I had picked out.  I had been eying a completely different one for a long time, but when we went to go purchase it, I couldn’t stop looking at this one.  It did not come with the shades, we added those, but it was the perfect look for the room!

It was hard to get a good shot of the curtains, but I was super proud of my thrifty curtain rods.  They are made out of…. (dun, dun, dunnnn) PVC pipes!  I will share in another post how I created the look I wanted in a super inexpensive way.

I used some twine and napkin rings for my tie backs.  Once we took the broken blinds down, we were amazed at how much more light came into the room.  I wanted to make sure we kept that light, so the curtains needed to be tied back.

The color on the walls is “Calico” from he Eddie Bauer collection at Lowes.  The ceiling is “Caramel”, also from the Eddie Bauer collection.    However, I had both paints mixed at Sherwin Williams.

The furniture was such a lucky find!  We had gone to a local furniture store to check things out and get some prices. I found this Broyhill Attic Heirlooms collection that was perfect.  However, it was a tad out of our price range…  But then, a couple days later, I found the same exact set on a Facebook yard sale site.  It was the exact color combination for the table and chairs that we had looked at, plus an additional chest all for about one third of the price of just the table and chairs at the furniture store.  I was unbelievably thrilled!

It took a little time for everything to come together for this room, but I think it was all well worth the wait!