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Fall Bedroom Decor

We will start in the master bedroom because it was kept the same all season long

I used my white and teal pillows from spring again, and added this cute velour “Hello Pumpkin” pillow. The orange check “blanket” is actually a tablecloth! Both the pillow and the tablecloth were found at T.J. Maxx.

I swapped my floral wreath out for twiggy grapevine. I added some pumpkin picks from Michaels to my greenery and some tweed pumpkins from Target Dollar Spot to the ends of my baskets. I wanted some sort of banner, so I made a quick little DIY yarn pumpkin one.

I had a table in our room that was refinished by my grandmother. I added a couple of blue vases, orange florals, and another tweed pumpkin for a simple little vignette.

Over on the dresser, I took some pretty detailed canisters that I’d picked up from the Target Dollar spot a while back, removed the lids, and made them globes for some candles.

I layered them on top of a table runner and added an orange grapevine berry garland. Then I just “sprinkled” some fabric pumpkins (again, from the Dollar spot!) and called it done!

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