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Easy DIY Framed Sign

A few weeks ago, I found this cute table runner in the dollar spot at Target. I instantly thought that it would make the cutest little sign for the space above our T.V.

I picked up a couple pieces of wood from Lowe’s with the plan to assemble the frame and stretch the runner like a canvas.I stained it first…

I opted for easy and indoors when making this, so I didn’t use any power tools. I laid the frame out to make sure it would line up properly. I used some hot glue to softly hold it in place. It wouldn’t be enough to keep it together, so I stapled the corners as well.

Then I just stapled the runner to the back of the frame, starting on one short edge…

…then stretching it out to staple the other short edge…

… then along the long edge.

I added a hanger in the back.

When I flipped it over, the corners were a little wobbly. I had only stapled on the backside of the corners, so I went ahead and added some to the front as well. I rubbed some stain on them to help them blend in, and called it done!

I think it fills the space above the T.V. perfectly! And the best part is that it cost less than $10!

What do you think?