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Drew’s Christmas Bedroom

My son’s bedroom was the first room I decorated this year for Christmas. It was quick, easy, and inexpensive (the trifecta!)

I repeated an idea I had last year for his room. I wrapped art that he already has hanging in his room with wrapping paper. I picked a theme and snagged wrapping paper and tags to use.

I went with a Christmas truck theme this year. I wrapped the three signs above his bed with this cute post I found at Target.

The green bows were saved from last year’s decorations and reused. I list one of the three somewhere along the way, so I used a big red snowflake that I had for the middle canvas.

There is a large square sign above his bookcase, so I wrapped it in a coordinating paper that I had in my stash.

I took a rack, and pushed it in. The original sign is rustic, so it won’t be noticeable.

I added a letter board with a Christmas lyric picked out by my husband (lol).

For his tree, I had snagged a few decorations from our “big” tree collection that I wasn’t utilizing. They stayed for this year, along with the super cute rope garland that I picked up at Michaels last year (they have it again this year!). They only think I swapped out was the gift tags.

I found these cute truck ones in Target’s Dollar Spot. I strung them with some twine, and voila!

He has a little shelf across the room that I had to add a little cheer to.

I used a dot of hot glue to the little bunny figurine to help her hold a little wreath.

His marquee “A” let’s you swap the background if you want by adding different scrapbooking papers. I grabbed a Christmas plaid from my collection, and called it done!

What do you think?