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Dining Room Revamp Inspiration

It’s time! It’s finally time!

We are about to start a little revamp in the dining room, and I cannot wait to get it rolling! We are just painting, swapping the curtains and some of the wall decor. It’s all cosmetic, but it’s been a long time coming… we’ll a few months coming anyway.

Sherwin Williams Riverway

When we painted the playroom, I had to promise Steve that we would use the color we were painting over somewhere else in the house. I had plans to paint the dining room said color, so when our upstairs bathtub started to leak and messed up the dining room ceiling, it sped up our time table. (No complaints about there from me!)

Eddie Baur Calico paint dining room decor with a farmhouse table and chairs

If you want a reminder of how the dining (kind of) looks now, you can check out this postfrom when we first fixed it up after moving in.

A couple of things have changed furniture wise… we moved a piano in here, and as a result I needed to swap the tables between the kitchen and the dining room. I also added a buffet from the kitchen back when I first created the coffee bar area.

It’s a little bittersweet to change everything. The wall color and details like the color of the tray ceiling were something I had wanted even before we had our house. I had one of those little paint sample cards from Lowe’s tucked away that would end up looking just like the dining room in our house .

As we have painted more and more of the house over the last few years, my overall color scheme has gone from warmer tones to cooler tones. The red dining room just isn’t fitting the direction that I am going anymore.

So here is what I’m envisioning:

Sherwin Williams Riverway dining Room inspiration

We have chair rail and trim work on the bottom third of the wall. I want to paint it bright white and the top portion I want to paint Sherwin Williams Riverway. A big reason why I did not like that color in the playroom is that it was too dark. Between the white on the walls and the abundance of natural light in the dining room, I think it will be perfect.

I love the barn quilt wall art (amazon find!).

The curtains I have pictured here are from Lowes, and I think that they would be perfect! They have just enough color and texture, but are overall neutral.

Then, there is this rug. This BEAUTIFUL rug! I am waiting patiently for it to come back in stock at Target. The size I need is out of stock, but my store had a runner and smaller rug that I was able to see in person. The colors are absolutely gorgeous! It’s worth waiting for me for it to come back in stock.

The lighting fixture and table and chairs are similar to what we already have.

There are a few things I’m considering as far as wall art. I’ll make some decisions with that as we go.

I’m excited to see it all come together soon. Of course, I’ll keep you updated!