Cranberry Tarts

These cranberry tarts were a big hit at Ivy’s birthday party! They are so yummy both fresh out of the oven as well as out of the fridge as leftover (if you have any!)

It is a mash up of two recipes I came across on Facebook. It was this cranberry dip and these cranberry bites. Admittedly, it has been frustrating the couple of times I have made these because I guess the formatting changed for the posts. I had to really search to find what I needed for each recipe. I am thrilled to have it in one go to spot now!

Once you gather your ingredients, go ahead and preheat the oven according to the crescent sheet instructions.

Mix together the jellied cranberry sauce, cilantro, green onions, cumin and lemon juice until it’s well blended.

Cut up the crescent sheet into 1″x1″ squares. (Note: you could also use regular cresent rolls, just smooth out the seams first). Pressthe cut pieces into a greased mini muffin pan.

cut up the cream cheese into tiny pieces and place one piece at the bottom of each tart. Top with the cranberry mixture and bake for 15 minutes.

Obviously, I am not a food blogger, and nothing will make that more evident than the fact that I have only two photos of the tarts. Did I mention that neither of them are directly of the tarts?

These are so delicious and perfect to bring for any gathering this time of year. If you make them, please let me know what you think!