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Pottery Barn Dupe Birch Tree

In this post, you’ll see how I created a dupe of this Pottery Barn birch tree:

I have a vision for my Christmas decor to fill the shelves on either side of my fireplace with wooden trees this year. 

I’m picturing my little tree farm to be on the top shelves on either side.

At first, I wanted try to find turned style ones like these: 

But, as you can see in the pricing, they are not cheap. Of course, I looked for DIY versions that I could paint/stain to my liking, but it would still create a more expensive undertaking than Id like.

Instead, I decided to create the same vibe… I want to create textured, neutral and budget friendly trees. 

The first I’m attempting is a dupe of this pottery barn birch tree:

I had wrapping paper on hand that is a textured birch. (Actually, I have 5 rolls of it because I was obsessed with it a few Christmases ago and I stocked up when it went on clearance… but that’s another story!)

I cut about a 12 in strip down the tube, the. Folded it in half and glued it together to create a double sided sheet of birch.

I cut out a ton of these little shapes:

I wrapped them around a marker to make them stick up once on the “tree.”

Hot glue was used to attach them onto… wait for it… a party hat!

It was taller than my shelf, so I cut it down to the size I wanted and removed the top fringe.

Then I started at the bottom and began attaching the pieces.

I added a stripe of glue along the straight top and attached the non curved part (so about halfway down) onto the hat. The pieces were slightly overlapped so they would completely cover the hat. 

I did my best to stagger each row, and as I got closer to the top the pieces were cut a little smaller. 

The pottery barn trees had twine topped points on their trees. Because mine are smaller, I opted to just roll my own pointed top. It got glued on top before I finished my last row. 

This is the final look:

I love how it turned out! This DIY has so much potential… the type of paper could be switched up: make plaid or glitter craft paper? The sizes could be small, medium, large… whatever size you’d like! I saw tall skinny paper mache cones at hobby lobby for just a few bucks that would be stunning done up like this. 

A forest of just this agile could be gorgeous, but I’m still planning on trying a few different types of trees. 

My plan is to share a new tree ever Tuesday this month. (I’m a little late on this first one, shhh!) I’ll be sharing both here on the blog as well as Instagram and TikTok so be sure to follow along!

Next week, I’ll be attempting to recreate this look:

See you next week! 

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