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Bottle Brush Tree Garland

Ivy’s room has been so much fun this year! I have a couple of DIYs planned, plus I found some ah-mazing things at Walmart this year to spruce up what we already have. The first of the DIYs: a bottle brush tree garland!

There is a this empty frame/open door (technical names, of course) sort of thing hanging above Ivy’s crib. It normally has a little pompom garland hanging in it like this:

Walmart has bags of small bottle brush trees in lots of colors- I grabbed two bags of pink toned ones for this project. One of the bags was 4 smaller trees, and the other was 2 medium trees. They were each about $2 per bag, so this project was less than $5 for me!

In addition the the trees, I grabbed some string and wire that I had on hand. For the wire, I used a picture hanging wire from Dollar Tree. For some reason, I have like 6 rolls of them… so…yea. However, if you don’t have wire, but you happen to have ornament hooks- you are golden.

To start, I snipped the wire to about 3-4″ long like so:

Honestly, it could still work if it was shorter (like if I had used an ornament hook). It just needs to be long enough to wrap around something a few times. In my case, it was a screw driver.

Do you see how it tapers from the handle to the top? That is very helpful because it ends up making it into a cone spiral, which fits perfectly over the top of the tree.

Once I had this made, I twisted it onto the top of the tree. It was seriously so easy! When I first sat down, I tried to wrap directly onto the tree, but it was NOT working. This method worked perfectly!

I left some off at the top so that I could create a little loop to tie the string onto. Now, I did this using my fingers and a pair of dykes because I didn’t want to look for my needle nose pliers. Don’t be like me. Find the pliers. Trust me.

I had a specific length that I needed mine to be, is started in the middle with the center one. Then I did the very cutter ones. My thought process was to do it that way to hep with spacing. I definitely would recommend just starting in the center and going out from there. Trying to tie the two trees on that went in between the center and outer ones was annoying.

To hang it up, I tied it to the hooks on the sides of the frame.

There you have it: a super easy DIY bottle brush garland!

I’m so happy with how it turned out! I’d love to hear what you think! Let me know in the comments, and be sure to stay tuned for more Christmas DIYs and a full room reveal!