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DIY Footed Bowl

Would you believe that I made this footed bowl? 

Now would you believe it if I told you I made it for less than $5 using two bowls from Walmart?

You can use any type of bowl (or even plate and cup!) to make this footed bowl. I really liked the speckled look that these particular ones have. I grabbed a 43oz flatter bowl and 38oz regular bowl to make mine. 

The bottom of the bowls aren’t completely flat- they had a tiny ridge. 

All I did was apply the E600 glue to the rim on the bottom of the smaller bowl. I flipped the larger bowl upside down and centered the bottom of the smaller bowl onto it.

After it dried, I flipped it over and *TA DA* I had a footed bowl! I have mainly used this one for decorative purposes, but I think that footed bowls can be so versatile! (I think I’ll share a few ideas of how to style them soon!)

All in all, the bowls were a little less than $2 each and I already had the glue so this project was less than $5!

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