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How to Turn a Breadbox Into a Charging Station

Today I want to show you how I turned a breadbox into a charging station! I have been trying to find ways to cut down on visual clutter where I can. When I thrifted a breadbox, I had intentions of flipping it and selling it but as I started working on it, inspiration struck! I decided that I could cut down on some of the visual kitchen counter clutter buy tucking all the random things that inevitably landed on the counter for charging. 

Not the best before pic… I had to screenshot it from a video because apparently I didn’t take a proper “before”.

To make it better match my style, I painted it black with a semi gloss paint. I prefer a matte finish, but knowing that this would get wiped down a lot, I went with the semigloss.

It’s roomy enough that our Alexa Show, Ember mug, and baby monitor all fit nicely. Not to mention, there’s also usually a little rechargeable toy truck in there too!

I used a drill bit to create a hole in the back. Next, I went with the smallest size that let the largest charger though. I threaded the cords in by taking the charger in through the back vs the plug in through the front to keep the hole as small as possible

Another option could be to tuck a smaller power strip inside so that everything is plugged in within the box. To do this, the hole in the back would need to be larger in order to fit the plug through. I would recumbent mounting the power strip on the back or top of the breadbox so that you don’t lose any “floorspace” within the box.

That’s it! Such a simple little project but I just love how it works for us. I’d love to hear your thoughts!