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Pottery Barn Inspired Metal Jack O lanterns

Today I am sharing yet another Pottery Barn inspired Halloween project: these metal Jack O Lanterns:

I was inspired by these original ones from Pottery Barn:

I did take a little create liberty with these and don’t try to make them an exact copy. You’ll see that I added a little more texture.

I started with these pumpkin pails, both from Walmart. I LOVED the tiny orange one. Having the varying sizes was something I really liked about the original ones. 

The first thing I did was spray paint the inside of the pails with a copper spray paint. 

The original pails looked like it was more of a classic gold color, but I liked this shade better than the golds I had on hand. 

Then I painted the outside black.

Once that dried, I lightly sprayed textured spray paint all over.

Then I went back over with black again.

And finally another super light coat of the textured paint. 

Once everything was nice and dry, I started cutting out the faces.

Now, if I were to do this again, I would have done a different order. I painted the inside and outside first and THEN cut out the face. My thinking was that it would work better because I thought I’d need to add tape to the inside to block the black spray paint when I did the outside. I was afraid that the tape would pull of the copper paint. Instead, it looked like this after cutting them out and I had to touch up the paint anyway.

INSTEAD, I would have cut the faces out first, spray painted the inside, then stuffed the inside with plastic bags. Then painted the outside.

After touching up the parts that peeled from cutting the faces out, they looked like this: 

They have been such a pretty and glowy addition to the Halloween decor on the front porch.