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ORC: What’s in my Cart

Week five is here! This week, I’m sharing the items that I have already purchased or am planning on purchasing for some of the finishing details of the room. 

I am looking forward to grabbing this mirror from Target. It’s meant to be over top a mantle, but I think it will be perfect on over the vanity and the extra shelf I’m adding underneath of it. 

Speaking of the shelves, I’m planning on making a smaller scale version of the floating shelves from my master bathroom. 

I will be using these brackets again. (I actually have some left over from some other shelves that I hung in one of my booths… score!)

For the shower curtain, I am grabbing this curtain/liner. On thing I’m oddly excited about is that this can be both a curtain and a liner. Currently, the kids primarily take baths, so only having one curtain hanging up vs the curtain and the liner is going to be nice. There won’t as much bulk, and I should be able to just tuck this one inside the tub when the shower needs to be used. 

I’m snagging these mini pom poms from the Polka Dot Barn on Etsy. I’ve got peach, tangerine, forest green, mint, and rose in my cart right now! 

I have been very pleased with the shower curtain rod that I got for our master bath refresh last year. It came up as a lightening deal recently, and I snagged it! 

I’ve got my eye on these hooks

Finally, this rug is rounding out my list! I think it’s so cute and perfect for the kiddos bathroom. 

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