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Kid’s Bathroom Revamp Plans: One Room Challenge

It was teased about a little on Instagram the other day… I am going be working on the kid’s bathroom for the One Room Challenge spring session! The One Room Challenge, or ORC, is an 8 week design challenge that anyone can join and/or follow along with on Instagram and through a participant’s blog (like this one!). I am so excited to be revealing my vision for the space! It is going to be so fun!

Let’s get into it. Here is a little mood board that I pulled together to help portray the ideas that have been swirling in my head lately.

I have a few goals in mind as I revamp this space:

  1. I want to improve upon what I have done in the past. We painted and did some trim work a few years ago to make the bathroom a little brighter and prettier than it had been when we moved in. I will give more details in a future post about that, but for now, just know that I feel that my skills have improved. I would like the quality of the trim work in that room to also improve.
  2. Spending needs to be minimal. This was not necessarily a planned space, so we didn’t budget for a big revamp. I firmly believe that you can make huge, impactful changes in a space without spending a fortune. I am excited to share how I plan to do that in a bathroom revamp.
  3. Make it functional! The kid’s are fully using the bathroom vs. using ours like they had been. I want to consider how they use it and make changes that make the space work better for them. I also want to keep it guest friendly as well for when we have overnight guests.

Let’s get into the main design ideas.

I am keeping the existing cabinet. I have previously painted the vanity top, but I used a textured spray paint. I am going to attempt to strip that off and repaint it white with an appliance epoxy paint.

The cabinet it self is going to be repainted in Kendal Green. This is a paint that I already have on hand. In fact, the wall paint is also paint that I have left over from previous projects. (We are all about saving money, remember?)

The lighting fixture and faucet are both going to be painted as well. They are currently brushed nickel and I want them to be black. Both are in perfectly great shape; we purchased and installed them only a few years ago when we first updated the bathroom.

I am planning on purchasing a new mirror. The current one is just builder grade that I framed out with some pallet wood.

The flooring is going to be where we focus our money. I want to tile the floor myself. EEK! I can’t believe I am actually attempting it, but here we are! It is a small enough space that it makes for a perfect place to try something new, right? I chose these hexagon tiles from Lowes in the Greige color. I wasn’t sure on the grout color until I saw a couple of reviewers share their tile that they grouted with white. It looks so fresh and bright. I love the look, so that is what I am going with.

Like I previously mentioned, the trim work in the bathroom was one of our first projects of that kind. My skills have grown, and I see potential for major improvements in the bathroom. The plan is to take down the old and replace with a board and batten style. I also want to create a wallpaper look to the top of the wall my sponge painting a chevron pattern. I see that as being fun and whimsy enough for kids, but also modern enough for guests.

Of course, there will be lots of making going on for this project! I am keeping my eye out for a shelf or ladder-like thing that I can work into a storage solution similar the PB Ainsley Ladder.

There will be a little side shelf so that the kids can easily access their toothbrushes. I really like the style fo this one that I found on etsy.

The step stool that @mrsdiy_ made on IG will be perfect, so I am going to use her plans. I am thinking of painting it an ombre white to stain… we shall see.

The shower curtain is what I am most excited about! I want to get an extra long, plain white one from amazon and attach mini pompoms along the bottom. I think they are so cute!

@tealacornashley on Instagram

I am so excited to get started on this project! I hope you are as excited to follow along. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more behind the scenes on everything to come. Check back every Thursday for a new blog post showing the progress!

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