Decor DIY

Mermaid Tail Wreath

Today I’m sharing another piece from the gallery wall in my daughters room: her mermaid tail wreath!

This is a near exact copy of @dollartreelovers version . I saw her video on Tik Tok and saved it to recreate- I loved everything she did! 


• two mermaid tail wreath forms from Dollar Tree

•fabric(s) of choice- I chose a rainbow mermaid scale from Walmart and coral sequins from Dollar Tree

•Florals/embellishments of your choosing. I used leftover florals from my Minnie Head and some small starfish that I found randomly at Goodwill

•hot glue

• gold spray paint (optional)

The first step for me was to paint one of the forms gold.

While that was drying, I took the other wreath form and began attaching the scale fabric. Using hot glue, I attached the fabric and stretched it taut across the frame. I cut slits in the fabric along the curve to keep it spooky along the edge.

I did the same for the sequins on the bottom part too. (The scale fabric stopped before it got to the fin part where the sequin fabric is).

Next, I topped the fabric covered form with the newly gold form and glued it in place.

To cover where the fabrics met, I glued on the various embellishments and voila! 

Finally, I wrapped some picture hanging wire on the back to give it a way to hang on the wall. I added a second nail that the fin (where the embellishments are) can rest on so that it hangs at an angle.

I think it turned out so cute and I love the extra fun colors that it brings into the room! It could be done in so many variations of fabrics and colors to suit any aesthetic too! What do you think?