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DIY Hair accessory holder

Today I wanted to share how I made this DIY hair accessory holder for my daughter’s room. I wanted a way to display and story my daughters hair bows. After making a sunglass display, I was inspired to make a similar style one to hold her hair clips.

I started with a scrap piece of 1”x8” and I painted the front pink. 

Then I used some pink and gold ribbon that I had in my collection. 

I use a couple of her bows to figure out my spacing.

Once they were spaces, I used hot glue to hold them in place. I don’t have an image, but I did it the same way as with the sunglass holder, shown below:

The next part is probably my favorite and was totally just by chance. I saw the little wooden tops that I had left over from making Christmas trees last year. 

I thought that if I attached them to a small dowel, I could make a holder for her butterfly clips.

Technically, I used a thick skewer as my feel rod. I taped the pointy edge and cut it off with my saw. 

The tape helped keep the delicate wood from splintering

To attach it to the wood, I screwed in some eye hooks that the rod could slide through. 

Once the rod was the rough the hooks, I hot glued the little wooden toppers to each and to kelp it from falling out of place. It was the perfect size to clip the little butterfly style clips to.

It was definitely another win for cuteness and functionality!