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DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Bed Canopy

Here is how I took a mesh bed canopy from Five Below and a shelf from Goodwill and created a DIY Pottery Barn inspired bed canopy:

The Inspo

While planning out my daughters new big girl room, I stumbled upon this image of a bed canopy from Pottery Barn Kidsand it became my inspiration for my DIY version.

The first attempt…

I will admit, this project took two tries. At first, I had built a box using some scrap wood and hung it up using some shelf brackets. 

The plan was to staple the fabric to the wood, but I couldn’t find my staple gun so instead I used some adhesive tape. That went about at well as you could probably imagine.

Let’s try this again

I was planning on fixing it when I came across my stapler, but in the meantime, I saw a video on Facebook that was a similar idea to what I was trying to make, but the greater used a shelf from Hobby Lobby. Genius! Soon after, I found this pink and white shelf at Goodwill for a whopping $3. Combined with my $5 mesh bed can, I was going to be able to make a much more “legit” looking version for less than $10. 

I wiped down and painted the shelf using some light purple craft acrylic paint.

I already had the fabric removed from the included wire circle frame, but a problem I kept having when trying to figure out how to line it up on the shelf was all of the “extra” fabric from the canopy above where the wire frame had been. To fix it, I ended up cutting along that seam in order to have one large square of fabric.

The original canopy had its own finished seams on the opening. Now with it cut, this seams were on each end of the square piece of fabric. To start, I hot glued one of those finished seams at the front center of the shelf. Then I bunched the fabric together (kind of pleating it) and glued along the edge going, securing it in all the spots I point to in the image below. I did but bunch along the back but instead glued it straight along the bottom of the shelf. 

The final product

Once I finished, the fabric fell like this when the shelf was hung:

Sidenote: I mentioned that I had to use shelf brackets to hang up my original version. This shelf had sawtooth hangers that I scooted over so that I could still use the same screws and anchors that I already had in the wall from the first time. The old one had been up for a couple months before I switched it, and my daughter did not try to pull it down or hang on it at all so I feel confident that the sawtooth hangers will be completely secure enough. If you doubt, I recommend using some corner brackets to have it better secured to the wall. 

Her bed is against the wall in a daybed style, so I drape the fabric around the back two posts of her headboard and footboard. 

And that is how I made my own DIY Pottery Barn inspired bed canopy. I think it looks so cute! I would love to hear what you think- let’s chat in the comments!