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DIY Sunglass Holder

Today I am going to share a DIY sunglass holder that can be totally customized to your liking. It is probably the easiest of all the DIYs I made for my daughter’s new bedroom, which I will be sharing in some upcoming posts.

She has quite a growing sunglass collection and they never really had place to call home. They always ended up strewn around the house. I wanted to figure out some way to display them in her gallery wall and this is what I came up with. 

You can make one too! 


• your backdrop- I used a piece of scrap wood, but you could also use a canvas, a little dollar tree sign, even a frame


•hot glue gun

•sawtooth hanger (or another method of hanging that you prefer)

I used a scrap piece of 1×6. In the picture above, it’s the bottom piece. The top piece I used to make a hair accessory holder, which you can see here. 

I started off by painting the front of the scrap wood. I did sort of an ombré pastel rainbow. 

Then I took some gold, sparkly ribbon and wrapped it around the front, about an once from the top of the board.

I used hot glue to wrap it allll the way around. 

For some added security, I tapped the sawtooth hanger right on top of the ribbon.

As you can see, I didn’t bother with making the back of the wood pretty… you can’t tell from the front anyway! 

I just love how the DIY sunglass holder looks and the functionality it offers! Plus, you could easily make this to fit any aesthetic. 10/10 for me! 

If you liked this DIY sunglass holder, check out the hair accessory holder too here!