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DIY No Sew Pillow Covers

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Full disclaimer- I can sew, but it’s not a hobby I am currently in love with. If I can make something a no-sew project, I am all about it! (Like my no sew valances at Christmas time)

My favorite method of doing so is with *drum roll please* hot glue!

I adore hot glue. It is so handy for so many things. My under cabinet lights, for example; they came with screws, but they were awkward and hard to place where I wanted the lights. We tried hot glue, and they have been rocking it under my cabinets for going on a year strong now!

Anyway, I found these super cute lumbar pillows at target at the beginning of the season. I loved them layered with another striped pillow, but all said and done, it would be pushing $100 for 4 pillows! No thank you! I went ahead and snagged the lumbar pillow and grabbed this set of 4 napkins for only $10 from the Hearth & Hand section with the idea of turning them into pillows. That would be 2 covers for $10!

Luckily, I already had some pillow inserts (similar) sitting in my craft closet from way back when. I pulled those out when I got home, along with my handy dandy glue gun and got to work.

When laying out the napkins, I did notice that they were not all the same 20″x20″. This meant I did not want to glue the seams on the 1″ from the edge on all of them, so I measured and paired them up with their best matches.

I measured and marked to figured out where my pillow seam would need to go to make the napkins fit the 18″x18″ insert.

I made sure to have them with right sides facing each other, just like you would for a regular sewing project and began gluing one side at a time along my marks.

I glued a little bit towards the corner of the fourth side, making sure there was enough space for the insert to get inside.

I flipped them right side out and got them on the pillow insert.

I folded the rest of the unfinished seam down and glued along the last part of the open edge. Voila! Finished pillow(s) in like 10 minutes start to finish.

They have been outside on my porch all summer, and are still looking great! I have tugged on the seams a few times to see how they are fairing. So far, the heat and couple hours of direct sunlight have not affected them. They are not on a spot we really use for sitting, but I would imagine that they would still hold up nicely.

What do you think? Do you prefer no sew methods, or would you rather just sew it?